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Ojonla Lekomo

The FET Group

In this phase we will make use of the GED curriculum and our students will from 2019, graduate with an INTERNATIONAL qualification issued in the United States of America. In this phase our students are familiarised with intensive self-study, numerous projects, and essays on social, political, religious and other relevant topics. In this phase we follow the ACE PACE system and combine it with GED curriculum at the end of Grade 12. Project work. We will, as from September 2019, spend the last three months of the schooling year doing extensive studies and tuition of the GED Curriculum. Mr. Ojonla Lekomo is our current FET Phase educator (Grade 10 to Grade 12). He is a Cum Laude educator with Honours Degrees in Mathematics, Sciences, Business Economics and Accounting. He will act as the ICCE/Cambridge First Line Marker for the FET Group. Mr. Lekomo is our senior soccer and seven-a-side rugby coach/referee. Mr. Lekomo is currently assisted by Mrs. Blem. In the FET phase we educate and prepare the students for life after school, and to get university entrance locally and/or globally. Destiny is now, in 2019, implementing the GED Dip0loma as an Exit certificate for our Grade 12 students. We are, in conjunction with the AEE Head Office, striving to get the CE Certificate sanctioned and authorised by the SA Government, as a valid Exit certificate for our Grade 12 students from 2019. Should this be unsuccessful, we will be following the GED curriculum as described above. This is where our fully equipped Science and Biology Laboratories are necessary to train the students and to expose them to the elements and realities of nature and the outside world.