• Phone : 011 826 1497
  • Opening Time : 08:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Address : 1 Miranda Road, Witfield, 1467 Boksburg, Gauteng

Code of Conduct

Pledge of the Teacher:   promise to be professional and committed in my approach and attitude by:   
  • Welcoming each child to my classroom
  • Teaching with enthusiasm and dedication
  • Preparing meaningful “material”
  • Setting and maintaining high scholastic standards
  • Being punctual in attendance and in my tasks
  • Always keeping parents informed of their child’s welfare and progress
  • To be loyal to the school in all aspects
Pledge of the Parent:  I promise to be a partner and supporter in my child’s education development by:
  • Setting a worthy example
  • Disciplining, teaching and developing life’s skills and Biblical values
  • Ensuring the total adherence to school rules and values
  • Encouraging self respect and an enthusiastic attitude
  • Ensuring my child’s respect of his/her peers, school and community
  • To be loyal to the school on all aspects
Pledge of the Student:  I promise to use every opportunity to learn and to give others the same opportunity by:
  • Obeying all school rules and taking care of the facilities provided
  • Taking total responsibility for my actions both good and bad
  • Being loyal to my school, teachers and fellow pupils
  • Showing respect to those around me in the way I speak and behave
  • Being hard working and positive towards my schoolwork and homework
  • Not taking, damaging, or destroying anything belonging to someone else
  • Attending school regularly and punctually
  • Being an active, enthusiastic member of the school
  • Striving for excellence academically, culturally and in sport
  • To be loyal to the school in all aspects